Ios stopping sound problem

Hi there - I am venturing out into putting my app onto the iPad.

I also feel the need to stop using midi and use real guitar sounds. I got my E0 (low e string) and A0 (my open A string) and dragged them into a folder on the Xojo project.

They both can play at the same time - this is wonderful!

However (and I have searched the forum on this), there seems no way to stop the playing (and this is crucial. The E0.stop doesn’t work and the documentation (which is slim concerning sound) refers to this command only working if .playlooping is on.

Is there a better way of coding this? I know that Xcode uses AVfoundation for sound - is there any declares that will work?
Has anybody used avfoundation calls in the XOJO iOS version for sound?
I could do this with the MBSAVfoundation plugin on the desktop for audio… But now I want to use iOS because this could be a huge product :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it’s still working – I abandoned iOS development after the announcement of the Xojo framework deprecation –, but here I used an AVTonePlayerNode to create simple sounds myself. If it’s running, its should be possible to add missing pieces:

Which ones should I download? Is this iOS compatible?

That was a shared library for macOS and iOS. Load the complete repository and open the iOSLib project.