Ios SqlExecute

The IOS SqlExecute takes a paramArray. It would be very useful if it could receive an array of text.

Is this possible?

Yes. I posted a solution via Introspection to @Kimball Larsen some time ago. Let me see if I can find it…

There are a number of problems with SQLExecute on iOS. See this feedback request: <>

Glad I’m not the only one concerned.

Thanks. I’ll check out the Feedback case.

Dang! @Kem Tekinay beat me to the old archived post by like 10 seconds. As usual, he’s on point.

I’ll add that solution to Feedback too.


Looks very nice. Was not aware introspection would let one do that.

Much thanks.

Still think the sqlExecute command should simply take an array of auto (or text) as well.