iOS Split Screen issues

I am trying to transition from old iOSView to new MobileScreen classes. Finding it difficult.
I have two screens on iPhone that I want to show on one screen on iPad. In past used the split screen features but I can’t figure out the documentation for MobileScreen split screen. Here is what the compiler will not accept in the Opening event of one of the screens.

if app.pDeviceType=“iPad” then
// Enable the split to appear when in iPads
var split as new iOSSplitView
split.Detail = viewAbout.View
end if

Here’s what I have always used. AFAIK it still works fine.

If Self.ParentSplitView <> Nil Then 'iPad
  Var master As New MasterScreen
  // Detail
  Var details As New DetailsScreen
  Self.ParentSplitView.Detail = details
Else 'iPhone
 Var master As New MasterScreen
End If
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