iOS Simulator Scroll Issue

My web app currently has an ImageWell and three WebContainers in a vertical sequence. Two of the containers have only labels, the third has a bunch of labels and TextFields. When I first run the app in XCode’s iOS simulator (v10.0), the whole thing scrolls fine. As soon as I enter text into one of the TextFields, however, the view no longer scrolls in the simulator (although it does auto-scroll if I tab between fields). After deployment, it works fine on a hardware phone connected to the remote server (with both Safari and Chrome). Thinking it might be a focus issue, I tried setting focus to the parent WebView after a TextField loses focus, but that didn’t help. Not a complete show-stopper, but annoying to have to deploy every time I want to see how the app behaves. Don’t know if it’s a Xojo issue or a simulator issue. Any ideas?

Also, once scrolling has stopped working in the simulator, it can only be restored by closing the simulator and launching a new one - reloading the page will not restore scrolling.

I’m curious why that is. You should be able to access a debug run from a physical device just like you do with the simulator.

We don’t do anything different for the simulator.

Ah, thanks for reminding me! I’d had some trouble accessing the debug app via the LAN previously and so put it out of my mind, but that’s working now.