iOS simulator not listed

Good morning

Tried to run an iOS from the installed examples from Xojo 2021r3.1.
Xcode and command line tools are installed, and Xcode and iOS simulator was run as well in the past.

Still Xojo doesn’t list an iOS simulator in the build settings…
Also when choosing a new iOS application no device simulator is listed.

This is on macOS 12.3 and Xcode 13.3.

thanks in advance

I think you need to re-launch Xcode again for each new version downloaded.

Well I launched Xcode and iOS simulator several times today…no joy (o;

Hmm…really annoying…

No way to test iOS apps with 2021r3.1 on macOS 12.3.1…

There is an Xcode setting for the command-line tools. Make sure it is not blank.

In some cases you may also need to go to the Xcode Preferences, select the Locations tab and choose the latest version of Xcode for the Command Line Tools setting.

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Hmm… I’m having the same problem with 2022r1 and 2022r1.1 and Xcode 13.3. The simulator selector popup menu is completely missing in Xojo. I can run an iOS project and the Simulator will launch and run the app but there is no way to switch simulators in Xojo. In Xcode, prefs under location tab, the command line tools show up as “Xcode 13.3.1 (13E500a)”

If I launch the same project with Xojo 2021r3.1, the simulator selector popup shows up just fine.

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thank you!