iOS Sharing Panel

My App uses sqlite databases. I can send a database to email or text using a local url but can’t seem to come up with a way for my App to open the sent file. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Hi Werner,

I’m sorry your message will need to be clarified.

Are you trying to share a sqlite database using Sharing Panel.
OR share a sqlite database from the Mail app and open it in your app ?

Thanks for responding Jeremie.

Actually both. I can send the SQLite data base via text message or email using the sharing panel no problem and then I would like my app to be able to open the file directly from the email or message just as Safari opens the url in the sharing panel example.
I imagine it might be a matter of setting my app’s registered file types to include sqlite files but I’m not sure how to accomplish that in iOS.

Werner was done in RealBasic. I’m new to xojo.

I should clarify. The original version for Windows and MacOs was done in RealBasic.

Thanks for clarifying.

This might help:

You’ll also need to use the improved iosapplication by Jason King:
And implement the application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: event on your own as it isn’t included in the above xojo project.

The problem is I don’t think you’ll be able to add the did finish launching with options event. I think that is the open event provided by Xojo, but they won’t answer that question so we can’t know. There is a feature request to get more of the app events but it doesn’t seem like that’s going anywhere.

Thanks Jeremie. I believe at first glance that that is where the answer lies. Looking at the Xcode documentation it would appear that registering SQLite files in the plist might do the trick. I’ll let you know. Meantime I’m about ready to submit the app and will add file sharing in a future update.