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Need to send e-mail including body direct from app. No plug-ins, please.

iOSKit 1.7 e-mailView seems to work but no e-mail received. It also doesn’t seem to pass on a body text, if it works.


Do you have an email account setup on the device? And did you test on a real device or just in the simulator? The simulator doesn’t work for many features like email, and the user needs to have an account setup in the iPhone email app to be able to send.


iOSKit email features are great, I use them in all my apps. But it requires the user to hit the Send button.

If you are looking for background email features such as sending a log of your app you will need to use a service such as Sendgrid.

I have code for using Sendgrid if you need it.

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I have successfully used MBS for sending iOS emails.

Thanks Jason, it works. Had problems to get it to run under MobileScreen… Still using an IOSView, maybe you could update the code…

Is there a chance to also populate the main text of the mail?

Thank you Jeremy! Yes, I would love to use Sendgrid.

Thanks but too expensive!

The SetMessage function will let you specify the body of the email. Updating everything to mobile screen is a work in progress, unfortunately Xojo provided no help for developers when the change came along.

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Thanks Jason, great help!

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