iOS Segmented Control Color

Hy guys,

I have a problem with segmented controls.
I use a tintcolor of blue and on iOS 12 it looks like this:
on iOS 13 the same control looks like this:

Users are complainig about the lack of contrast on iOS 13.
Is it somehow possible to get the iOS 12 behaviour back (or at least some other way to set a color)?

You will find these subs in Jeremie’s iOSDesignExtensions that help change the appearance of a segmented control:

Sub SetNormalColorXC(extends seg As iOSSegmentedControl, c As color)
Sub SetSelectedColorXC(extends seg As iOSSegmentedControl, c as color)
Sub SetTextColorXC(extends seg As iOSSegmentedControl, c As color, state As SegmentedControlExtensionsXC.UIControlState)

The iOSDesignExtensions can be downloaded here:

Sounds good, thank you.
Problem is: I am quite an amateur in Xojo and don´t know what exactly I need from that github page and where to put it in my project to make it work.
Any help (or link to a “how to”) greatly appreciated.

Ah, figured it out :slight_smile:
For other noobs like me: download the project with the “Code” button in the upper right corner.
Open the project and just copy and paste the iOSExtensions folder.
Thanks again for the help.