iOS RGBSurface Awful Yellow Cast?

Am I doing something wrong?
Xojo 2020R2.1
I get an image using an Imagebrowser.
Looks OK in the debugger.
I resize it by creating a new picture, and drawing into it.
That looks OK in the debugger.

Using RGBSurface to get pixels from it doesnt work so well.

I create a new picture and draw onto that using blocks of color , taken from RGBSurface.pixel values.

What I read (and then draw with) , has a very strong yellow cast.

Picture to illustrate:
Top is the imageloader dialog
Second picture is the picture I chose.
Third is how the new (reduced in size) image appears in the debugger.
Note that the whites are still whiteish.

Bottom right is the final image, created by drawing blocks using the color presented by RGBSurface
Looks like it has yellow plastic stuck over it!

My Code:

var rx,ry as integer
var c as color

rgbs = working_from_picture.rgbsurface
For rx =0 To  working_from_picture.width -1
  For ry = 0 To working_from_picture.height -1
      c= rgbs.pixel(rx,ry)  //get color - this returns yellow for areas which are white/grey
      c= Color.RGB(,,,0)  
      p3.Graphics.DrawingColor = c rx*4,ry*4,4,4
    End Try

A sample source color , in the debugger, shows
&cF9FA00FF as near-white

It looks like BLUE and ALPHA may be mixed up?


I have some problems with “rgbSurface” also
I can’t help you because I have a different problem
This routine is not reliable

Reported as a bug.
RGBSurface.Pixel returns invalid values (no blue component)

Luckily, MBS plugins now work in iOS -
(I had been avoiding all plugins and declares, dangit)

Var gmpic As New GMImageMBS(pic)
Var GMcol As gmcolormbs 
var XojoCol as color

GMCol =  gmpic.pixelColor(20,20)
XojoCol = Color.RGB(GMcol.redQuantum,GMcol.greenQuantum,GMcol.blueQuantum)