iOS Resize event - controls width update on view resize or mode change

I need to make a view on which I need to present long form.
Which means that that form should be in ScrollableArea control and I should use Container control to build such long form which later will be bind to ScrollableArea control right?

That form should scale width part (textfields and etc. controls on Container control) based on screen size (Landscape and Portrait mode).
So if user change a view mode then width should be update.

My simple question is how to handle resize events since I don’t see it?

On both controls (ScrollableArea and Container control) only is present Open and Close events.


p.s. It would be a great if Xojo Dev Ops put in a game Resize event which will fire when view mode has change or so… and send back metrics of it.
Such event is present even in old good VB <6.0
I believe that this would help a lot in general to everybody who is using Xojo.