iOS Preferences

Silly question: What is the ‘standard’ for application preferences on iOS?

NSUserDefaults or CFPreferences.

Has anyone exposed those yet or will I need to create the declares?

You could probably lift a bunch of what MacOSLib has for this already

During the beta, I used several MacOSLib stuff as well as some of the declares I used for my MAS applications, simply changing the library name.

I warmly recommend the iOS dev library reference to search the name of the class and find out the library name

Cool. Thanks!

Darn. The Mac Dev Library search is broken. I just looked for several class names I know for sure to be there, and all I get is a white page. Not even a “not found” error :frowning:

There is also the issue of storing secure credentials, for example a username and password that somebody uses to login to web services (at least that’s my own personal user story). My understanding is that Apple recommends using the keychain for this. It would be good to have keychain access in iOS in due course.