iOS on Windows/Linux

I’m a Mac (and Pi!) guy so this is purely out of curiosity: is there a technical reason why Windows and Linux folks couldn’t do layout and code for an iOS project on their non-Mac machines? I can understand that it might be confusing from a marketing point of view.

I’m sure there are, say, Windows people who would love to design their iOS app on their PC and then test and build it on a Mac nearer the end.

The best you could do is layout & write code
Nothing more

We decided that from a user experience point of view this was not great so do not enable that

Even a read-only mode would be useful. My primary development environment is a Windows VM on Ubuntu and I don’t have easy access to a Mac.

I’ve been trying use the new framework HTTPSocket on Windows, but here is not a lot of example code in the manual.

It would be nice to open one of the iOS example projects, browse the code/implementation, and copy & paste the useful bits into my Windows desktop project.