iOS MsgBox

Hi Everibody

How it works the MsgBox in iOS? I cannot find the way!!!

Many thanks for any clue

The documentation at has an example.

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Hi Bob

You save my life. I will subscribe for sure


Hi Alan,
If the user doesn’t need to interact with your message box other than to dismiss it by pressing OK you can add this method
(taken from iOSKit) to a module in your project to get functionality like in desktop.

Sub MsgBox(title as Text, message as text = "") dim msg as new iOSMessageBox msg.Buttons = Array("Ok") msg.Title = title msg.Message = message msg.Show End Sub
If you do care what the user presses and want to change the button titles then you need to drag an iOSMessageBox object onto your main view and implement the event and set the appropriate properties before displaying it.

Hope this helps,

Well, I’m sure digging through the example projects and documentation would reveal that information too. For some people the videos are helpful and we have over 60 hours and over 200 individual videos (mix of desktop, web, and iOS).

Hi guys

I was building the application for the App Store and i get this error:

This application has encountered a fatal problem and must be shut down.

Please tell us more about this problem. An error report has been prepared which will help us improve the product. Would you like to launch Feedback and report the problem now?

How i can back open the file to see what happen

I have lost my entire project?

I hope there is a solution for this

Thank to all