iOS 'mod' function

Am I missing something or is there no “mod” function for iOS? I would expect it in xojo.math.

I guess I can create my own… but seems like it should be built-in.

Mod is an operator and is available on iOS.

Thanks Joe… Where do I find that in the docs?

From the Xojo > Help menu, it’s in the Language Reference, not iOS Language Reference.

I would have too, because there are other operators listed under Math. Where things are put in the Framework / Docs just doesn’t flow for me, feels more like a brute force search when I have to find something.

I am just not sure when I should look in the iOS Language Reference and when I should look in the “regular” Language Reference. Hopefully this will all get simplified over time.

iOS can only do whats in the new reference. A great deal of the new framework is unavailable on desktop. So when writing iOS apps use the new guide, otherwise use the old.

That is not entirely true… The iOS Language reference is not entirely complete. Search for “mod” and you will not find it.

Part of my problem was not realizing the “mod” is an operator… and none of the operators are in the iOS reference… you have to go back to the original reference for that.

For those of us that have been using Xojo for a while it is not a big deal… but I would think anyone that is trying Xojo and iOS for the first time will be very confused.

I think thats a “bug” in the documentation. It seems to me as new framework gets developed eventually there will be parity and the old one gets marked as such.

Those are all methods - not operators
Granted though it’s a subtle distinction.