iOS MessageBox Modal

Hello all, I realise this is a topic that has come up before on the forums, but I’m still having some trouble implementing.

I’m trying to mimic the behaviour of modal message boxes on desktop applications, e.g. waiting on the user’s input before continuing with execution.

I’ve seen in a post that to do this all you need to do is drag an iOSMessageBox object onto the layout and then “implement the events”. But when I drag a messagebox onto my layout, it sits on the shelf and when right+click and “Add to MessageBox1”, the menu has everything greyed out. How do I implement the events when event handlers cannot be added? Or am I going about this the wrong way?

I gave the “push a view without a back button” method (copied from the forum), which seems nice, but I’m not sure what to do to wait for a user input, before acting on it. Any advice, ridicule or facepalms much appreciated!

After adding a MessageBox to my View, I needed to save my project before I could add the event handler of ButtonAction to the MessageBox.

This happens quite often where event handlers do not show up for a control until after the project is saved.