IOS Layout Issues #48377

Dear all,

I put this one here as it seems that i`m having more an more issues with the IDE specially on IOS projects and XOJO team says that they cannot reproduce the cases and they are closing them so just wanted your feedback .

I have Case 48377 which is quite annoying and today just discovered that after spending half day to arrange all the controls in the view with that auto layout thing as i cannot call it different , i started the project again and all my controls are aligned to the left of the view and messed up. If i press run on the view it shows properly but on the design part in the IDE is a total mess.

Can somebody help with the location for the controls positions or at least a way to restore them when i start the project as it is becoming quite annoying to resize / adjust, change every time i start the project , i have to loose few good hours to do what suppose to work properly .

Thanks in advance.


Hi Aurelian,

The project included in feedback 48377 doesn’t have any controls on the iOSView. I wasn’t able to check your auto-layout constraints.

It would be helpful to know what version of Xojo you are using as well.

Hi Greg, sorry for delay, the latest public release , i guess it was stated in the feedback as it gets added automatically , OS: OS X 10.12.5, Xojo: Xojo 2017r1.1

Jrmie, for the auto layout i was not included in that project and what is weird is that the layout gets random. so once is ok as designed, then i save and i open the project again i get it messed up, i add some controls on it , save , close , then it gets back again as it suppose to be and so on, so i have no idea how this odd behaviour comes and it seems that the auto layout it gets back ok once you add another control.

On the other hand the iphone / ipad thing it`s totally messed up, i even tried with Eddies electronics , the sample ios, i open it , change CustomerView for example as iPad, save, close. open again is there, i change CustomerDetailView it changes, i save , close, open again, the CustomerDetailView stays ipad but CustomerView goes back to iphone so i wanted to test and make sure that not my project was corrupted but it seems that it does it to any app.

Today im dead but tomorrow i will try to save the project as binary xojo to see if it helps, if that gets fixed then it will be a feedback for your side but still not good for me as i use git to keep my projects so im kind of obliged to have it as xojo project .

Thanks again .

its not a bug that the layout style you’re viewing isn’t saved
its much like the menu editor not saving that your viewing mac / windows / linux
profile code is this way as well

and it wont matter whether its a binary xml or xojo project
that setting isn’t saved in any format

Those two fields are calculated differently. The OS field is pulled from whatever OS you are currently using, while the Xojo field will always show the latest released version as we like users to test their bugs in the latest version before filing a report, just in case it is already fixed. It can be rather time consuming to try to track down a bug that doesn’t exist any more and we’ve found that users are usually displeased when we mark a case as Not Reproducible when clearly it does happen on their machine.

Like Norman said though, we don’t currently save that info with the views, so a feature request is probably in order.