iOS invoice app need to made reports

if any one have made reports or invoice and send by email.

puedes crear reportes simplemente con html

pero tienes un ejemplo para iOS

no. nunca he trabajado con iOS ya que solo uso windows. pero me imagino que no debe ser muy difcil mostrar un documento html



If you create your invoice as an html document, then display it on your iPhone, you can press the sharing panel button (square with top arrow) on your iPhone. Then choose Print. This will display an image for printing. Press on this image continuously, and it will then convert it to a .pdf file you can email.


Hope it works for you.
You could probably do the same with a text area or canvas control - haven’t tested it

amazed that nobody has created the correct set of “declares” to create an iOS PDF graphic context. Its works the same as a “normal” graphic context (which I would assume is the basis for the Xojo iOS Canvas). That way you just draw your report and outcomes a PDF.

I don’t understand why either.

But a simple way to do this is to put the report into a text string (or text area)


Dim Record As Text = “Summary of Patient Record,”
Record = Record +" Height, Weight, Gender, EBV, preHeparinACT, desiredACT,InitialHeparinDose,postHeparinACT,Anticoagulant,Slope" + &u0A
Record = Record + " ,"+ HeightTextField.text + “,” + WeightTextField.text + “,” + Gender + “,” + preHeparinTextField.text + “,” + desiredACTTextField.text + “,”
Record = Record + BolusGivenTextField.text + “,” + postHeparinTextField.text + “,” + Anticoagulant + “,” + Slope.ToText + &u0A

Then put a sharing panel on the iPhone app window, and a button on the window that in its open event calls:
SharingPanel1.ShareText(Record, Self, Me)

Then when the button is pressed, the sharing panel opens up all the options available to that phone, including print. Then if one prints, highlight the image to be printed, long press on it converts it to a pdf, with an option to send via e-mail.

Check out the iOS sharing panel share text option in the Xojo docs.

help some
I need to learn how to draw the invoice frame on HTML and then change the data.
I am little confuse

i have to experiment with Valentina Studio that export html file from the reports this way i can make html reports without do all manual.

thanks to Valentina support