iOS invalid argument : firstItem must be an iOSControl, iOSScreen, or a layout guide

I got this error when I call a new iOSView that content a custom class that it’s super is an iOSControl (i need the events of this custom Class)

… i don’t find anything online about that :frowning:

Any ideas ?

Need some example code or a project. Hard to understand what might be wrong without it

Here a simple code

I change the main class to a iOSEventInfo … and it’s working… but… looks odd…

What is it you are trying to accomplish?

You should not subclass iOSControl. It’s kind of an Abstract class and isn’t meant to be subclassed like this.

To display a new view, your code should be this:
Self.PushTo(nv) // not nv.PushTo(Self)

Since your subclass wouldn’t be a viable control you could just create your own class and put the events you want on it.