iOS Homescreen Webapp

I added a popupmenu to my webapp and now i get the following error only when i start the webapp as fullscreen App from my iOS Homescreen. Both testet devices are iOS 7. Live-Example:

Could not execute returned javascript: Can't find variable: popupmenu

The Webapp works fine on Desktop-Browsers and also in the mobile Browser when the App is not startet as “Homescreen-App”.

Are there any known issues regarding webapp-ios-homescreen-things?

mmm just tried it out on my iPad as Homescreen Webapp… I do not recieve any error message…

which ios-Version do you use?

I tested your app from the homescreen on iPhone 5 iOS 7.0.2 and there was no crash :slight_smile:
Try clearing Safari cache on your phone and see if it solves anything.

Clearing the Browser-Cache on both iOS-Devices and restarting them did not solve the problem. Sure, it sounds like one of these caching-Problems, but this has to be fixed from application-side. What if a webapp is in production use with lots of users? I cannot force them to clear browser-cache or something when i change my app.

Besides this, as i said, clearing the browser-cache did not fix it.

is there anything i can do in the app-header to force a fresh load without using the cache?

hmm… did not get this working. cleaning the cache, restarting the devices did not solve the issue. After removing the Popupmenu from my project (and replace it with two buttons) the app runs fine on every device. Question is not answered, but suspended until i will check the popupmenu in a webapp again.

thanks so far.