ios: getting data out of returned webpage

Hi I have a quantum random generator running on a webserver that I would like to use the numbers from.

With html-viewer calling the proper URL returns the number indeed. In the desktop approach I could USE that number by using the documentcomplete event and specify as action an MBS plugin routine (EvaluateJavaScriptMBS(“document.body.innerText”)) to get the text on that page.
There is no documentcomplete event in IOS. Is there a way to use page-content of the page returned by htmlviewer.loadurl in subsequent code?
I would like to run some statistics on the stream random data that I get by repeatedly calling htmlviewer.loadurl.

Thanks, Dick

Look for iosdesignextentions here:

It’s made by @Jeremie Leroy

It has htmviewer extentions and example code

Ps: next time post in the iOS specific forum

HTML Viewer is not the right approach here if the only purpose of this webpage is to return a number. You can and need to get the contents with a Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket.