IOS does not like my DB

Have a database with tables that have fields define as DATE, CURRENCY. YES I now know this is bad.

When I save a record to the table I use StringValue for the DATE fields and DoubleValue for the CURRENCY.

This works OK for DeskTop, RealSQLite/SQLite does not care. IOS does. I get an Exception. So I need to fix this.

I can use the procedure outlined in the SQLite Docs. X copy to new_X, then Alter table name X to old_X and new_X to X.

How can the app. tell when this process has or has not happened so it will not reqeat?

how are you altering the table?
You should be able to execute

sql="PRAGMA table_info("+tableName+")"

into a recordset to get the current definition of “tableName”

Note that is an SQLSELECT statement… NOT an XOJO “Pragma”

We don’t know what the exception is so we’re really just guessing as to what the problem might be. The exception will contain the actual SQL error in the Reason property. Without that we’re just guessing.