IOS development

Hi Guys,

I create a simple IOS app

I followed instruction from

and compiled it successfully.

However, when I tried to deploy it to my device I got error as attached.

I believed, I completed the requirement from the xojo documentation as:

I am hoping for your help.

I personally have never had any luck with wildcard “*” identifiers.

I don’t know of anyone who’s posted here that has. Off the top of my head, not using a wildcard tends to be the fix.

What do you mean Tim?

Dont use an identifier like com.pentagamma.*
Make sure you sue a specific one for the app like com.pentagamma.MyCoolApp
or whatever the app is named

let me try again.

Hi Guys,

:frowning: Still I had no luck even I use “com.pentagamma.TestApp”

Anybody also encounter the same problem of mine?