iOS Development Questions

I just recently purchased XoJo Desktop to create MacOS, Windows and Linux Apps. Loving this tool.

For my questions…

  1. Is development of the iOS apps with XoJo similar to building Desktop apps?

  2. Is there a way to distribute the apps without having a developer account with Apple on the App Store?


  1. Yes, but some of the controls are different and UI layout is very different
  2. No.
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Hi Steve,

Welcome to the Xojo community.

  1. Development for iOS is similar to Desktop to some extent. It is the same language (Xojo), the same way of handling events and you have access to the same classes (except those specific to Desktop).
    Since the move to Xojo API2 for iOS, most code can be copy-pasted from Desktop to iOS
    There are some differences such as handling the UI, Windows are called Screens and you can’t have several screens show up at the same time (on iPhone at least).

  2. No, not that I am aware of.

Here are some examples of Xojo made iOS apps:

And more of my apps: