iOS Dark Mode


Is there a way to create a Dark Mode in an iOS app with Xojo?


There is no official dark mode on iOS 12. It’s rumoured for iOS 13 however.

The only way to do it for now, and that’s how Messenger, Feedly, Twitter and many other do, is to apply a color theme to each view that is displayed. And show a dark mode switch somewhere to switch between light and dark modes.

I am currently adding a dark mode to Packr, I have a module with many color constants and functions to return the light or dark color.
In each iOSView open event I set the color of background and of each control.
In the iOSView activate event I set the color of the navigation bar and toolbar (if necessary).

Any news on the dark mode? iOS 13 is now out :wink:

According to the roadmap, next major release at the earliest. Could be later.