iOS Canvas Draw Text


I’m about testing Xojo-iOS. Because a lot of controls are not available in the first release, I want to draw my own controls. so I have two questions:

  1. how can I draw a bold oder bigger Text? I draw it with g.DrawTextLine(ww.ToText, me.Width / 2 - 15, 10, -1, iOSTextAlignment.Center, False)

  2. how can I make a ListControl where I can add an image AND can scroll natively

  1. g.TextFont will let you change the font and size. It takes an iOSFont object.

  2. The iOSTable lets you add an image to the row and it will scroll natively. Does it not do what you want it to do?

I have examples of both in our iOS training videos at

g.TextFont = new iOSFont("Helvetica Bold", 34)

Please note that the name “Helvetica Bold” is the one appearing in Font Book.

@Bob Keeney I have to register to your site? hmmm… :smiley:

Sorry. We have 1 iOS overview video for free (sign up required). The Other 4 1/2 hours are for subscribers.