Ios camera

Hi all,

Just starting to get into using Xojo for an ios project.

I have been looking at the documentation
to see how to access the camera. I need to programmatically take a picture and process that picture.

I am guessing this is not included, so is there a plugin that can do this?


Here’s a short video about doing this with MobileImagePicker.

' This code lets the user pick a picture from the camera:
PicturePicker1.Source = MobileImagePicker.Sources.Camera

' This code in the Selected event handler displays the selected picture in an Image Viewer:
MyImageViewer.Image = pic

You can also access the camera with AVFoundation from iOSKit (GitHub - kingj5/iOSKit). There are multiple example views for AVFoundation depending on what you need to accomplish.


I download the code from the link you provided. I can’t find any documentation on implementing
this? Can I get a link showing what to do with all this code and using it?

Thanks again :grinning:

To use it, open the project, then copy the Modules folder from iOSKit into your project. That will allow you to use the code in your app. The example view a folder contains several examples of using different parts of the code. I encourage you to run the project which will launch the sample app and sample views to see what might be useful to you.