IOS Button with white background

Is there any way to make an IOS Button that has a white background, that look like a desktop button?

What I’m trying to do is make a control that look like a popupmenu, that when taped will show a view with a table with the list of choices that the user select and then put that choise an the Caption of the button, then return to the original view.

Or does someone have a bettter solution for this process?

I’m not asking for what’s missing.

I asking how can I do something with what I got?

I am using canvas images that look like buttons. May not be the best way, but it works for me.

You can also use @Ulrich Bogun 's excellent iOSLib for this, which contains extension methods for native Xojo controls. For example, here’s part of how my Sign In view looks:

To create the Sign In button, I simply used a native Xojo iOSButton and then added the following code to the button’s Open event:

me.BorderWidth = .05
me.BackgroundRadius = 5
me.BackgroundColor = app.pmBlue2
me.NormalTextColor = Color.White