iOS Button Border Shape

The iOS button looks like a label. Is there a way to give it a border or shape to make it look like a real button? I don’t see a property for that.

See which is about just the same thing.

You can turn on iOS button borders in the IOS system settings for the device (General->Accessibility->Button Shapes). All native iOS buttons are borderless since iOS 7, so this is not a Xojo thing.

I have the Button Shapes on, and they show up in other apps. But the buttons in theXojo app look like hyperlinks. They are just plain text with underlines under each word. I have not button outline. What am I missing?

Reading maybe ?

Apparently turning on this accessibility feature only adds “shapes” to buttons in the Navigation Bar. Actual buttons appear with the text underlined.

Buttons with shapes, background pictures and outlines are possible with declares.
Demo Project

Have a look at your iPhone, they do look like labels. Just a thought but if you start changing things like this the apps no longer look native.