IOS browser not sending password data fully to web app

I have a web site running a cgi web app which requires users to login with Username and a Password. (Xojo 2014r3.1)
All works fine with Windows browsers.
Was also working fine with ios devices running Safari - until recently.

Now, when a user uses ios device to login, they enter their password, and as each character is input, the character appears briefly in the input field, then it becomes hidden with a dot symbol. Here’s the problem… If the user types fast, and hits the “Submit” button BEFORE the character has changed to a dot, the login fails because the last entered character is not sent to the App. If the user waits until the character has changed to a dot, and then hits the submit button, the login works ok.

This behaviour was not noticed a few months ago. So what has changed? Well, many things “may” have changed. Maybe ios update? Maybe previous Xojo compiler. I also recently changed the host server. I also changed the “Submit” button from a WebButton to a WebLabel and action its “MouseUp” event. (for aesthetic reasons).

Anyone else found this behavior??

Sounds like Safari on iOS is the culprit not your app