iOS Apps Required to be built in Xcode starting Apr 2023

Was perusing the Apple Developer site today and came across this statement:

“Please note, starting April 2023, all iOS and iPadOS apps submitted to the App Store must be built with Xcode 14.1 and the iOS 16.1 SDK.”

What does this imply for developing iOS Apps in Xojo?

What this kind of thing has meant is that you have to have the current Xcode and SDK on your system.

For starters, Xojo will need to update their iOS SDK to at least 16.1 and everyone will need to upgrade to continue development. They typically do this in the first release of the new year.

Apple don’t care about other languages than XCode when making marketing statements. The one you quoted probably won’t change anything in using Xojo for iOS building.

Ok, so this is probably exposing my ignorance of how Xojo works, but does Xojo actually use Xcode to build iOS apps?

The reason I am asking is because I have already built a Xojo desktop app and I am now deciding on a platform to build the companion iOS app. I don’t want to invest energy into learning Xojo iOS if it’s gonna be deprecated by some Apple requirement to only use Xcode.

No. Xcode is required on the machine because of the tools that come with it, like Simulator, but it’s pretty reliable that every year Apple requires the latest SDK to build apps and that require a recent version of Xojo.

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Xojo needs to be made using Xcode 14.1.

Older Xojo versions made with Xcode 13 won’t work anymore.

We may consider to drop older iOS targets for Xojo and our plugins.
Currently iOS 11 is the minimum.

Xcode is not used to make Xojo and the version of Xcode that builds the framework has nothing to do with the SDK in use. Please don’t confuse the two.


Well, maybe let me describe it differently.

Xcode (or its command line tools) is used to build the Xojo framework and internal plugins for macOS and iOS.
And when the Xojo IDE links a program, it should use the latest SDK version.

We’ll let me put it another way then. This is one of those things that unless you are an engineer or ex-engineer, you don’t know how it works and should stop answering this topic as if you do.