iOS App Store Crash Report

We’ve been testing an iOS app built with the latest Xojo2018R3 for iOS in the Simulator and on real devices via TestFlight for weeks. Shortly after submitting to the App Store, the app was rejected with a crash report. Within the App Store Connect account, we can see and export the crashlog_XXX.txt file.

The crash report consists of binary addresses that appear meaningless. There is a link to Apple help topics to symbolicate that file, but the process does not seem to apply to a Xojo built app or a crash report from Apple during the submission process. I saw a discussion regarding CrashSymbolicator that a Xojo developer wrote to make sense of a crash log, but that app crashes when dropping the .dSYM file on it and other users confirm that it no longer works.

Since the issue cannot be replicated on real devices via TestFlight or in the Simulator after hundreds of tests, does anyone know how to make sense of a Crash Log from Apple or what to try next?