iOS app install xocde "device busy"

I want to install an ios app with xcode on an iphone.
I did everything like with xojo tutorial. But when I want to install, unfortunately it doesn’t work.
because I always get the message; “Device is busy”.
Any idea why?

thank you

Give Xcode a minute to finish setting up your phone. It’ll take a minute or two to set it up as a development device.

Also, make sure the device is in the list of approved devices on your Apple Developer account.

I get a message; “can not install”.
Xcode shows the message “Device is Busy” for a second and then comes the message; “can not install”
Device is already in the list on Developer Account …

Ok, the can not install message usually has to do with how the app is built. Usually I see this if I try to build for the App Store and then try to copy it to the device. Could you confirm whether the Build For App Store setting is on or off?

App Store setting is off.

Open Terminal and type this:

codesign -vvvv

And then drop the .app package into the terminal window and press return.

I have made.

codesign -vvvv

output from terminal: code object is not signed at all
In architecture: arm64

and at xcode: “Unable to install”

If your device has the feature “connect using network” on the reconnect the device using a cable.

Before building the app, make sure you selected a Team in Build Settings > iOS > Code signing > Team

yes, it works. I changed Build Settings> iOS> Code signing> Team.
I chose my name on the Code Signing-> Team. There were 2 options

  1. None
  2. my name
    (Team cannot be selected because it does not exist.)
    I was able to install after I counted my name. Thats how it works.

Is there a Xojo document containing such information:
where do the above options (None, myname etc.) come from that are selected?

Thank you.

The list is taken from the provisioning profiles that you download from Apple into Xcode. For a profile to be counted, it must not be expired and must have a corresponding certificate with both a private and a public key.

I just made a blog post about how to be successful with certificates and profiles the other day. You can read it here.

Thank you

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