IOS (APP) development question

my daughter is in the finishing line for her bachelor thesis.
Everything was done using adobe, and click prototype was done in adobe xd.

And then :

She made the storyboards with Xcode on a m1 mini.
But the question is now : how she will get a app out of xd or Xcode storyboard,
I have also pointed her to the world of Xojo,

But : she is a designer not a software expert.

Are there best practices to handle this task ?
Maybe there is already a plug-in to use adobe xd not only for the click prototype, design specs and jira tasks.

I know, with modeling the app with xd / Xcode one would 1st do a architecture to separate the views/forms/gui elements in base classes, and then use them to model the app,

But this is normally not job for a designer. And it needs a lot of software work or framework before the start.

How are you doing it everyday?

Thanks and best regards.


Normally, if you use such tools you have to start from scratch when you want to make a “real” app. What does your daughter want to achieve?

Hello Beatrix, real life on an iPad to see if the click prototype works… it would help to understand how to bring life into the Xcode storyboard…
btw: some say use story board some say start coding., and in one swift tutorial u can use storyboards but the trick is, to delete the view controller and add one manually again.,

And maybe to switch her job search from Kommunikationsdesign to ux design…

btw : she has a apple developer account…
BR Rainer

Well as Beatrix said as well, normally you do the mockups in Adobe, Figma or whatever you decide as Designer and then the dev team tries to adapt that in the XOJO side but usually unless there is another way, you have to do that all from scratch , there is no tool as far as I know to adapt that to code side.

thx ; and as it is her bachelor thesis she has to go the hard way to do everything alone…
BR Rainer

Well in that case I guess she will have to start looking on XOJO to see what she can get , depending on the app complexity , XOJO might be a easier way comparing to ObjectivC or even Swift side but again , depends on what the app need to do and how it interacts with the hardware , what graphics need to be implemented and so on. but usually it will be the hard way here as well, Expect things not to match between the mockup and the result of the app but if analysed properly could reach close to the expected result.

that’s why I have pointed her to Xojo , but she needs cam, ARKit,…
BR Rainer

in that case I recommend looking on Swift , XOJO side still long time until it reaches to that part . Cam you could get it with some libraries, ARKit , no idea, unless Christian (MBS) has anything related to that then I’m not sure you can have anything for that, I just hope I’m mistaking and somebody did something for that part, but as far as I know not to much in that side.

So we have to take the hard way to stay with swift, or xamarin or flutter or…

Unfortunately, take XOJO as the Body of the car, until you reach to the buttons , engine, wheels and so on, still long time to go, specially on the Web and IOS part, you could go with Declares and call api’s directly but is not an easy task, they did promised some ways to do this easily but still on the long list on TODO’s on XOJO side.

hm, and I didn’t ask the magic question about cross platform…
ok thx: and pls pls pls dont open a threat about Xojo and app and …
It was just an idea to get some ideas and inspiration…

BTW : ever tried to link XOJO to IBM iSeries, Mainframes ( yes the can do rest, json, xml,…) maybe another way of app modernization. I learned consuming a json on db2 is a select statement with a plug-in…

and somebody did a watch app for approval process, maybe also some things to bring Xojo into this world,

BR and thank you …

Well considering that you ask about IOS , I assume that cross platform would be Android, short answer no way now, Windows if anybody still using that , still not as far as I know of , you don’t have arm support for windows so that case is out as well. Guess best way for you could be indeed other platform for your needs ,

Now if you talk about Desktop then that is a long chat.

some say use flutter, xamarin…
BTW ; I still don’t understand, why I have to do mobile apps, if the app is hooked on a internal network with internal data structures.
OK ; BOD, no installing of hardware/software, cloud, MS Teams with Cloud , AWS, … and many more

Last month I have started to get into my past again, and green screen is still alive,.,.
even with as/400 on rel3…

and last point ; in old times one could do screen designs by themself, now it needs graphic designers and ux experts…

BR and thx

What is the goal of the bachelor thesis? The last time I was sorta boss of 2 students doing their thesis they were doing Informatics and not design. They had to do some sort of working prototype. If your daughter isn’t doing Informations it would wonder me very much if she had to do some sort of IT development.

Im the dad and stopped wondering… for me her click prototype is the finishing line.
some see it different, and why should I stop her, if she wants it this way…

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Well, at least the project is ambitious for a first time developer.

:grinning: I guess wonders of development world . indeed if local access only that could be done simple in a web app maybe, otherwise I assume security would be next , maybe some local processing on the device , data acquisition and so on, you mentioned camera and AR . those cannot be done on a web page.

And its a good exercise to get down to earth as a designer.

Making design specs and jira tasks is one thing. But somebody has to do the real work, and maybe the technology is still far away from what u want.
And don’t forget time to market, costs, maintenance,…

So its good to feel the pain from the developers perspective.

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