iOS App crashes in 2018r1.1

Opening an App built with 2017r3 in 2018r1.1 and then saving after making changes results in this message:

Saving Will Lose Data

If you proceed with the save, running the saved App hangs at the Launch Screen for a few seconds and the crashes with no errors indicated.

Likewise if you start a new project and then copy and paste from the project saved under 2017r3. No indication of what data will be lost. Checking all the obvious resources such as images, Plist addendums etc., they are all present.

Anybody run across this?

Check the crash log. I suspect you’ll find something about a new missing entitlement or an entry about requesting permission from the user.

Thanks Greg. I’ll check that out in the AM.

That all seems to be OK. I built the App and noticed that there is no Dsym file associated with it. Could that be a problem?

I have the “Saving Will Lose Data” almost everyday in 2018r1.1 for my iOS projects.

Jeremie, I assume you are ignoring it with no issues? cest la vie.

Yes I just ignore it and never had any issues.
For the simulator crash logs you will find them here:

Thanks Jeremie.

I’m getting it also. So far I’ve ignored it with no problems. My app runs fine in the simulator.

I found a broken reference to a Plist snippet and assumed that “Saving Will Lose Data” was the culprit which caused my App to hang. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I’ve also saved several times now with the warning and no issues.

Like looking in the mirror. I’m usually looking at the problem.