iOS and ComboBox (Dropdown Box)

Hi guys,

Since i’m new to iOS development and Xojo, I have one (maybe funny) question.

Is it possible to have ComboBox (dropdown box) in iOS app using/via Xojo?

If yes, how?


There isn’t on natively on iOS so no

It is quite easy to create your own using a TextField and a ContainerControl with a Table.

Jrmie, thanks for your reply.
That’s lookup text field (and also can be called combo box with lookup option) which you posted.

Real combo box (dropdown menu) sometimes have option where item from list can be only selected but not searched since control is locked for typing (aka searching).

Also in your posted example and show case what about resizing and situation when search field is on bottom part (region) of screen or maybe when you have long form to fill in by user and where you need to put a couple of combo box’s for some fields in that long form?

I believe that the PickerView in iOSKit should fit your needs for this. Please see the repository which has an example view of its use (MissingControlsView) :

Jason King,
Thanks! I will look at… :slight_smile:

If you have questions on how things work after digging into it let me know and I’ll try to clear things up for you.

Anyway I made quick look on that part.
Still didn’t found something like combo box type of control. Current picker is large version and nice looking but imagine if you have couple of such things on one form… it would be a bit afk :slight_smile:

Anyway still looking and searching …

Can someone who is having more exp. to port this code to Xojo since guess it’s at least some solution for ComboBox?

Bellow code is free.


That would take a long time to port to Xojo with declares. Maybe someone will be willing to do contracting work for you. You could fake it by embedding a picker onto the view under a text field when it is tapped into, I encourage you to explore that easier route.