iOS Adhoc Deployment


I am trying to deploy to a select number of users and I am wondering if I can do it a specific way - I am a beta tester for SONOS and when there is a new update available, I am directed to a non-apple website where I tap on a button and the app is downloaded directly to my iPhone.

Does anyone know if this is possible to do with a xojo app?



It is. We did it internally when testing the XDC app. Now if I can just remember how…

You can use TestFlight for that. In this case you betas available that are pushed out using the TestFlight app on the iOS device.

Thanks Paul. I’m aware of TestFlight alright, but I was hoping for the cleaner option of a simple link rather than needing a second app installed.

Sounds like you might be talking about Apple’s Developer Enterprise Program?

Maybe some of the TestFlight alternatives such as HockeyApp or Crashlytics can do this, but I’ve not tried them with or without Xojo.

Thanks Paul and Gavin - The TestFlight Alternatives look interesting. Gavin, do you know if the Apple’s Developer Enterprise Program is independent to the normal iOS development program (ie. can you to deploy to App store by just subscribing to Apple’s Developer Enterprise Program, or d you need both)

Thanks again for all of you time

You need both to also upload to the App Store, unfortunately.

Unless you need some of those Enterprise features, you might find TestFlight is actually all you need. It’s like your own little App Store and your users will get notifications regarding updates etc.

Very good. Thanks Gavin

Hi Chris , any update ?

I`m actually searching for same thing and it seems that i found something similar here , have a look .



Thanks Aurelian. I’m going with test flight for now and will investigate the other options in the next week or two. I’ll post the outcome.

Thanks for the link