iOS 16.4.1(a) security updating causing exceptions

Hey all,

I first received a notice last week about some exceptions being raised in my iOS app from one of my users. After researching, we found it was specifically related to the new 16.4.1(a) Security Response. Using Apple’s support he was able to remove this and the app worked fine again. Based on the stack trace, it looks like this is something in Xojo’s framework. I am wondering if anyone can give me hints or if there is a fix. I am sure I am going to start getting more inquiries from users as this rolls out…Attached is a screenshot of the stack trace. It’s an out of bounds exception that appears tied to System.VersionData.

Would appreciate insight on this…

You can read confirmation here:

What version of Xojo did you use to create the iOS apps?
Are any of your users from Japan, China, or Taiwan?

#72654 - System.version causes an out of bounds exception when the system language is Japanese

Edit: you can see a couple of threads from people affected by the patch on macOS too.

Hi Jon,

This issue is supposedly fixed for iOS since Xojo 2022r4
If your app is built with an older version of Xojo you will need to rebuild it, unfortunately.

When submitting your app to the App Store, add a note in the reviewer notes field indicating that it is an urgent bug fix to support iOS 16.4.1 (a).
I’ve had some updates approved within one hour doing this.


Thanks Jeremie. I will have to rebuild and submit the update.

Alberto - no. It’s users in the US.

So it must be the Coho version used as Jeremie said.

Do you use System version in your app?

Thanks to this tip I was able to tell users of my app how to solve the problem. Thanks.

Now, after updating to 13.4, one user says she cannot reset “Last security Response” to Default. Since I don’t run Ventura I do not know what to suggest.
Has anybody run into this problem (i.e. inability toset to Default “Last security Response” values)?
Or has anybody suggestion on the matter?

Edited: she runs a Mini M2.