IOException -61 write permissions issue

My app is having trouble creating a text file on a clients computer.

An IOException of -61 is returned - which is a write permissions error.

The client has checked permissions and everything seems correct.

It works fine for us, it works fine for other clients, so not sure why this one client is having issues.

They have tried it on 2 computers (both Sierra), and it fails on both.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Where are you trying to write… there are various locations the macOS might not allow, and might no be appropriate

are you running as Admin, and they perhaps are not?

Writing to the root folder where the app is stored - in a sub folder on the desktop.

NOT what you should be doing… search this forum and you will find dozens of topics explaining this, and what you should be doing

Here’s a post I wrote with the most condensed rundown of file access on Mac, it may be of some help :slight_smile: