Invoking paint in a Canvas

I have a window which is divided into two parts: the bottom one has some textfield to display numeric results of vectors; the top part is a canvas to display a graphic result of the different vectors.
While the numeric results work fine, I’m unable to invoke the Paint instruction in the canvas once the calculations are done. I do not understand how to connect the two parts.
Thank you

Check out refresh or invalidate from the documentation for canvas.

and in most cases INVALIDATE would be preferred over REFRESH, this allows the app to schedule the Paint and not waste processing cycles if either command is issued quicker than necessary.

Draw your numbers in an Offscreen Picture (in your paint code: Dim OffscreenPict As New Picture()300,300 // --> Width, Height),
Assign that Picture to the Canvas (Canvas1.Backdrop = OffscreenPict),


Certainly will make the trick.

Let me clarify a little: the textfields with numbers are outside the canvas area so they should not interfere with the painting of the vectors themselves (except for the fact that their length and inclination should take the same values - properly scaled - that appear in the textfields). What I get now is some garbled lines and circles.
In a previous version of the code I had the calculation and the numeric results in a window and the graphic results (vectors) in a different window. What I’m trying to get is having both results in the same window.
Is there a way to post the code so it’s easier, maybe, to understand what I try to achieve?

Sorry. I wrote a reply before testing what Beatrix and Emile suggested. Invalidate seems to do the trick. I still have some bugs but they seem to be are due to a wrong mathematical procedure which should not be too hard to fix.
Thanks again everybody for your help