Introduction to Programming with Xojo?

In the pdf front covr, I read iOS Addendum.

I believed it was an error and searched in the other pdf (3rd Edition ?) and I also found… iOS Addendum.

Can you check what is inside the archive, please ?

a. Of course, after some minutes, I get an eye on the first pdf and do not found the iOS Addendum, but the pdf holds what I was awaiting.

b. Yes, I downloaded it minutes ago, directly from the web page I just accessed from docs (not a bookmark).

Can you link to which page you downloaded it from? I just verified the iOS Addendum is included in the download here -

Hi Dana,

I fall there from docs link. I click in the first link of the page.

Yes, a pdf with that name exists in the zip file.

The link in the button after this text:

Introduction to Programming

with Xojo Textbook

What I was talking about was in the other pdf front cover: very surprising.

One of the pdfs is noted 3rd Edition.

Maybe an image (or two) can help.
This is the cover of “Introduction to Programming with Xojo”
Introduction to Programming with Xojo (page 1 of 249) 2020-08-05 14-07-34
it shouldn’t say “iOS Addendum”

This is the cover of “iOS Addendum”

I understand it hasn’t been updated to 4th edition yet, maybe it should just to match the 4Th Edition.

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Yeah I see what you mean now. I’ll create a case and get this updated. Thanks for letting us know.