Introduction to Programming with Xojo.pdf

Maybe I am just an idiot. But I can’t seem to find something very basic. On page 21 of this document it has at the top it tells me “…To create this variable, enter this line into Xojo: ‘Dim fullName as String’,” But it doesn’t tell me where in Xojo to enter it?

You enter code in the Code Editor. Section 1.4 “Hello World” walks you through adding a line of code to a button, which is an easy way to see the Code Editor.

I just took a look at the Hello World tutorial for the heck of it, and I could see how even it could be confusing between steps 7 and 8. Step 7 has you double click the button to add an event and says to “select the Action event.” Then Step 8 says “with the action event highlighted […] enter your first line of code.”

It never actually tells you in Step 7 to click OK to create the event, and then to look for (and select) the event in the Contents pane. So if I were following this step for step (and I weren’t the adventurous type) I might not have clicked OK. I’d have the Action event highlighted in the event add window, but then wouldn’t be able to enter the code because it wasn’t added yet.

Yeah, it seems painfully obvious to click OK, but if someone completely new to programming is trying to follow it…

That is where I am at. New, very, very, very New. I will take a look again at this when I get home from work. So, I need to go to the code editor. I’m not add this code to a button or such, am I correct so far?

It looks like you would be adding the code to the Action event handler for a button.

If you haven’t already, you might want to first start with the Xojo QuickStarts and Tutorials.

OK, I am just not going to use this document. I am on chapter 2 and at no point in chapter two does it ask/say anything about adding a button to the window. Chapter one has a button to say “hello work” but it is not clear if I am supposted to use the same button, add a new button or have monkies fly out my backside. It doesn’t give me a good feeling about using the rest of the document.

I have gone through the Desktop Quck Start guide and was able to go from start to finish in it with no problems. But, it seems that this document either doesn’t tell you enough, if a step needs a button tell me it needs a button first, or just assumes you already know that. We all know what happens when you assume something. Just a little frustrated, will try some other routes to get started with Xojo.

Hi David,

You might want to take a look at the awesome free webinars done by Paul: (at the bottom of the page)

Will do