Introducing myself

I have been on the forum for a few weeks and have asked several questions. The responses have been quick and really helpful. After working with XOJO for a short period, it looks like its a real winner.

I have been in charge of developing software interfaces and embedded data logging/sensing systems for over 20 years. We primarily used Delphi for desktop apps and Visual C++ for Pocket PC development. About 8 years ago, our product line was bought out. I have spent much of that time teaching MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (my life hobby), as well as developing Word Press sites. Now, I am getting back into product development. I have several new sensors and a data logger about ready to go. We will be using XOJO for the software side of things. This is the first time I am getting into the actual coding (not just the interface and management) , so I appreciate how helpful everyone is.

In the short time I have been using XOJO, I am able to display maps, write XML files, read data files, populate a listbox, extract summary information out of data, and so on… All with help from forum members of course !

Anyway, thanks for helping and I look forward to asking tons of questions :slight_smile:

  • John

Welcome John.

Welcome, John. Hopefully, you will soon also be answering some questions too. :wink:

Welcome John!

Louis… uh NO !