Introducing ARGen 2.0.8

BKeeney Software is pleased to announce the release of version 2 of ARGen, our ActiveRecord generator utility. The new release includes many enhancements. Some of the highlights are:

• Can now create User Interface elements.
• Create entire projects for Desktop and Web projects with the proper database connections for each type.
• Choose between standard database error reporting and a more robust version that BKeeney Software provides.
• Can now create foreign key elements automatically.
• Ability to create relationships without having to put them into foreign keys in the database.
• Works with more databases.
• Added ability to use database views.
• Completely redesigned application!

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Note: Without the paid upgrade, you can still use the free version with nag screen. You can use the free version with no time limitation. The free version is limited to two tables at a time and will not create any User Interface elements.

If you are an existing user and did not receive an email containing an upgrade coupon code please contact us at

If you want to see ARGen 2.0 in action, please visit our new video at

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We’ve updated to 2.0.2 today. This version fixes a few issues for Windows users or CubeSQL users.

We updated to 2.0.3 today. This version fixes another CubeSQL issue.

2.0.4 was released today. This version fixes an issue with parsing MS SQL Server databases.

2.0.5 was released today. This version adds the ability to group user interface forms by table/view name. For example, if you had a table ‘Artist’ and have ARGen create List and Edit forms and have this option checked, those forms are put into a folder. This helps organize your projects.

Also fixed a minor issue with alignment and a not being able to find SQLite databases once saved.

2.0.6 was released today. This version fixed a couple of minor issue with created projects. It should also fix an issue with the Mac version not updating properly (Macs user may want to download the update from our website at

2.0.7 Released today. This version changes the way the project creates Edit UI for web apps. Now instead of web pages we use Web Dialogs for edit windows. Also changes some Oracle connections. You can either check for updates in the application or download directly from the product page listed below.

Full change list:
[Change] Moved settings button on ccReview to be more visually appealing
[Change] Renamed settings button on ccReview to more obviously assist in determining it’s action
[Change] Make Web Add/Edit pages into WebDialogs
[Bug Fix] Fixed bug with duplicating AR Object property names (single and array)
[Bug Fix] Fixed FileTypes issue with known workaround (winProject > HandleGenerate > Lines 26-30)
[Bug Fix] MenubarVisible True for progress modal to remove dock-blink on Mac
[Bug Fix] Menu None for splash screen and progress modal so they don’t have menus on Windows
[Bug Fix] Fixed bug with missing field type ‘blob’ in FieldDef module, private Function MapFieldInfo.
[Bug Fix] Fixed Oracle bug where fields and PKs were not being returned
[Bug Fix] On new/connect change labels for Oracle

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If you want to see ARGen 2.0 in action, please visit our new video at

Product Home Page:

I had to download the new version manually.

There were a couple of versions where Sparkle didn’t work correctly. :frowning:

We release version 2.0.8 today. Recommended update to all users. It should be available for automatic update, but if not, you can always download it from the web page at

[Bug Fix] Removed reference to Window.IsMinimized for windows desktop preferences. It is no longer suported.
[Bug Fix] Missing #If statements for database plugins
[Bug Fix] ARGen projects will now compile 64bit
[New] Add “Initial Sort” into Step 5 of Wizard
[Change] Make Desktop Add/Edit Windows Modal Windows
[Change] HandleAdd should create a ‘new’ record, and then send it to the Add/Edit Window
[Change] Lazy load objects now use table name for property name instead of field name

Purchase Mac Version:
Purchase Windows Version: