Int'l Keyboard / Keyboard Layout

Keyboard Shortcuts on OS X (It may be the same on other OS: Linux & Windows) *

I set an Utilities menu and fill it with a bunch of entries (MenuItems) in a current project. I assign cmd-1 to the first MenuItem and all is OK. Then, because troubles with the Delete key (read a separate thread), I set a new MenuItem and gave it a new keyboard shortcut (and I mistakenly give it cmd-1). When I realized my mistake (after asking why I get that ??ºÚî window), I added the AlternateKeyModifier (strange name for the Shift key, actually) to get a different keyboard shortcut. I forgot *.

I ran the project and does not get what I expected, but instead, I saw a new window that appeared (so cmd-1 = cmd-shift-1). It tooks me some minutes to realize what I’ve done. In this case, I was doing like a compiler who report errors in cascade… but it was me that was doing the errors in cascade ! ;-:slight_smile:

Back to the problem: With a French keyboard, set to AZERTY, it is impossible to set a keyboard to Command-1. To get that the user must press the Shift key (Command-Shift-1).

If, like me, you assign Command-1 keyboard shortcut to show Window 1 and assign Command-Shift-1 keyboard shortcut to “Delete the currently selected Row (of a ListBox), you will get a Beep in one case and show Window 1 in the second case.

BTW: remember that cmd-3 and cmd-4 are already taken by OS X.

  • I worked at Apple France long time ago and had cooperations with the localization persons. I learned a lot there with them, notably some differences betwen the USA (domestic) version of OS X and any localized version.

To get a number (1 thru 0) from a French (AZERTY) keyboard, I have to press the Shift Key.
Did I told you about { and } in a keyboard shortcut (still in non domesticl keyboards) ?
Unusable, unless you have them directly on the keyboard (drawings of { and } on the keyboard). If you have to press Option-( or Option-) you never will fire the keyboard shortcut.