InternetHeaders.Source and docs


The documentation says:

The Name and Value are separated by a colon for each header and the headers are delimited by an EndOfLine.

If you follow the document advice (and code example), you will get two diamonds instead of an End Of Line.

Then, use:

TA.Text = data.DefineEncoding(Encodings.UTF8)

data holds the InternetHeaders you requested.

Assigning an encoding to data will do the trick.


Assign a text encoding.
The diamonds are often used to show unknown characters.

Isn’t it what I’ve done ? (DefineEncoding line above)

Of course, I’ve done that after some non function ReplaceAll and saw the encoding in the debugger (show text as hex)…

ReplaceLineEndings maybe? Could help if those are unrecognized end of line characters.

UTF-8 may not be the right encoding.