internet Fax

Anyone have any experience with using internet fax , ie gofax , efax , interfax from their soap / rest api’s ?

What I want to do is have small app that scans a folder every 1/2 second to see if there is a PDF, file in it, if there is it opens a window allowing the user to enter details about where they want it faxed to, (or if they dont want it faxed in case they are saving multiple files to that folder and want them all faxed at once to a single destination.)

Background- Sadly in Australia most medical communication is done by fax, and most print out, take to fax and then fax.
Amazingly there are very few printer divers that will let you fax via in internet fax system. Brother etc have a program called PC fax that sets up a printer driver to allow you to fax via one of their printer/fax multifunction units, but I would like to be able to just fax from the PC to the internet. This allows a much better work flow, and better tracking if a fax went through.

Have a look at Faxing tab. You can send & receive faxes via email. Although this is a NZ company they do provide Australian local numbers. Also if you sign up as a dealer you’ll get a 15% commission.

Just a note that, depending on the medical content, there may be legal requirements to use fax for some communications. Additionally there could be compliance issues for rules & regs regarding document retention, dissemination, security and privacy. I’ve built/deployed a few custom Hylafax servers here in Ontario and had to deal with a few of these issues.

The irony here is that nowadays, one can send fax data digitally over VOIP networks (see ) and many VOIP channels are not encrypted, whereas most SMTP and IMAP mail is encrypted in transit.