Internet Explorer

can web 2.0 applications be used with Internet Explorer?

sorry, I can’t find any information. it’s probably my mistake.

Depends of course what you mean with Internet Explorer, there are many releases.

The “new” Internet Explore Edge based on Chromium will definitely work.

thank you.
Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc work regularly.
now I’m using IE11, not by choice, but for other needs.
I read in the Bootstrap document: “Supported, IE10+”.
but the page remains empty.
maybe for some settings in my IE11.
i will try with another pc.

From memory IE11 was dropped in Web2.0 as there were some technologies that IE11 didn’t support.

I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Yes, I think so too. IE11 is for mutliple reasons a pain in the neck. And yes, don’t tell me that customers are still using it, and that administrators won’t allow anything else (those admin who are still sad that Netscape did not survive) etc. Welcome to my world :-).

But I’m strict meanwhile: I need at least one modern browser to run web apps (it doesn’t matter if it is Xojo or anything else). I really hope that Microsoft will aggressively push Edge Chromium (which is fine). For my taste it is enough work to test web apps on all modern browsers, testing them as well on all flavors of outdated browsers is a complete nightmare.

Internet Explorer will not work, because it is mostly unable to handle Bootstrap, in fact anything recent. IMHO IE is a piece of c**p. But the (Chromium) Edge rocks ! It’s a better Chrome than Chrome.

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I agree, I don’t like to admit it, but Microsoft did an excellent job here. And I hope many Windows admins will see this as well and finally upgrade from their beloved IE …