Internal Server Error - I do not know what I am doing

Welp. I finally got the html and cgi-bin directories working thanks to chown commands on CentOS 7.

Now I am trying to get - - to work.

This is a new installation of the CGI app.

I cannot get the standalone app to run (all it will do is have me download the executable file)

I am using FileZilla to upload.

I could be wrong, but I think you are missing the web server and the script used to call the CGI

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i assume you are referring to Web 1

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I am actually supposed to be accessing the .cgi file in this instance. This app is supposed to be running on CentOS 7 with Apache server, which I installed.

At this point, yes. Although you do bring up a point… I wonder if a Web2 app would work?

From what I recall, when you create the distribution it includes a Perl script that is used by the web server to call the CGI binary.

Have you checked the logs to find out the error details?

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from what i understand, Web2 does not do cgi anymore… just standalone


I will try and find out where these logs are. For now, I need to SSH into my server instance and see if all of the required libs are installed.

RESOLVED - the web server was not active - meaning nginx was not activated.

Long story short, I used a deployment app to get the app working.

Now I am looking into DIY hosting… Raspberry Pi looks like a good contender.