Internal compiler error with any Android project

I was doing some Android work with the 2023 Beta versions successfully last year. But now I cannot compile any Android project using the release version 2023r4. I tried several example projects on my M1 Mac-Mini and an Intel MacBook Pro with the same error:

Android Compiler
An internal Android Compiler error occurred.
Please create an Issue ( and attach your project (privately, if necessary) so that Xojo can investigate the error.

I already updated Android Studio to Hedgehog | 2023.1.1 Patch 1.

Please can anyone help, I have no idea where to look for the error and how to get it working. Thanks!

I am getting the same error.

Using the latest version of Xojo and Android Studio Hedgehog.

Tried compiling the example projects and nothing works.


Does 2023r3.1 work?

2023r4 did update things to use newer Android build tools, in particular Java 17. Those should all be automatically installed by Android Studio, but perhaps there was an issue with that.

The console log should provide more details about the compile error message. Search for “Xojo Android Build Result:”.

Yes, it works in 2023r3.1

I just installed Xojo 2023r4 and Android Studio on a brand new Windows 11 Laptop (bought this week) and its the same problem there. When compiling a project the progress-bar stops at 50% for a couple of minutes and then the internal Android error appears.

I wasn’t able find any log-files on Windows so far, does anyone know where to look for Android log-files? Windows-Eventlog does not show any Android related entries.

Good news, I managed to get an Android project on my new Windows machine running.
The solution was to create a new project in Android Studio (I used the Empty Activity template) and compile and run this project in Android Studio. After that I was able to compile and run my Xojo Android project successfully as-well. I seems that it is not enough to just install, run and configure Android Studio itself, it’s also important to compile and run a project in Android Studio.

Xojo need to detect the missing “things”, complete them for the user when possible, alert users with instructions when not.


Maybe playing with a VM, snapshots, and one with a clean install of the latest studio could help to find the Xojo dependencies, and how to detect them (missing Android Studio files/configs that will be installed after studio run?), and how to bypass them (like configuring them from Xojo) or guide the user on how to fix them.

Clueless errors are unacceptable. Xojo should capture most about what’s going on and have somewhere where the user could find some clue about what’s not working when a generic “Something is not working” shows, like keeping the last few lines of the internal results when the error has risen and people could consult like a menu help → last raw error (disabled when last run/build was successful) , in a way they could easily file an issue report.

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