Intermittent issue with TabPanel.RemovePanelAt


I’m on Big Sur with Xojo 2020R2 (this was happening before both of these were released though). I have a strange problem with TabPanel.RemovePanelAt where it throws an OutOfBoundsException despite me checking there are enough tabs before removing. I don’t have this problem with TabPanel.Remove, but that is deprecated. Eventually something happens (I’ve not pinned down what) and it starts working for me, every time. Then, if I quit Xojo and restart it the problem is back. I have a sample project here, does anyone else see the crash? I’m trying to work out if it’s just my computer or not!

My steps to recreate are:

  1. Quit Xojo
  2. Open sample project
  3. Run
  4. Click the “Remove Subtab 1” button
  5. See exception

I’ve seen this case on feedback which is quite similar to my issue: <> but it’s been marked as a duplicate and closed even though I don’t think it is a duplicate of 59595. Do I create a new case in this situation? Assuming someone can replicate :slight_smile:

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It seems like a bug in the framework since .Remove(1) works just fine.
File a feedback ticket. Be sure to point out that API 1.0 .Remove(1) works as expected.

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Thanks for your reply. I’ve now filed a feedback case here: <>

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